Monday, January 14, 2013

XxXDawgmasterXxX Youtube videos

This is my video Blog , It has all my youtube videos so its easyer for you and your friends can share and enjoy them , Plz share these with your Facebook -Twitter and Blogger's

All the Support been great , Plz leave comments , if you have any idea's for my new Video

Video 11

Funny Video - NEW 

Video 12                                                                                                                                                      

MonsterJam 2013

Video 10-Canon Review Part 2

Older Videos >

Firefall in Beta - video 9

video 8 Part 3 , Dog playing in the snow

My first video , My dog playing in the Snow

2nd Video - Part 2 of My dog playing in the snow

3rd and 4th video is  Guild Wars 2 - 4th video is Funny !

--> -->

5th Video is a Great Song , Must check out !

6th video is my Son metal Band Live , Check it out , you might like it !!

7th video is Canon Review , Can also find a Tab to check that Blog out

Also looking for more people that has videos that they would like to get more views and I will support your video if you support mine !


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